• thebeachescelebrant


Your wedding ceremony, is the pinnacle of your wedding day. It is here, standing in front of your family and friends you declare your love and commitment to another.​

It can be incredibly intimate not only for the couple but for those that are watching on.

So where do you start? From my experience here are some creative touches to get you thinking.

1. Hello questionnaire: This is the perfect place to start. It offers you an opportunity to really evaluate your relationship and your core values. It gives me a great opportunity to get to know you.

2. I have found sharing personal stories, whether funny, serious or heroic always build connections with your guests and are a great talking point at the reception.

3. A toast to having fun. This is always something I love doing during the ceremony. Whether it be with just the bride and grooms family or with everyone.

4. Acknowledging those guests who have travelled from a far to be with you on your day.

5. I like asking the bride and groom if their friends would like to tell me any stories about the couple. Only if permission is granted this would be incorporated into the service.

6. Love letters from far-flung guests. It is near impossible to have everyone you have always wanted on your wedding day. However, if there is someone special whom is unable to make it, ask them to write a letter, this can be woven into the ceremony.

7. A touching poem, reading or song that respects those that are no longer with us.

8. A ritual, there are so many beautiful rituals available. They connect cultures and unify families.

9. A wedding time capsule. Your guests have an opportunity to write words of encouragement, advice, or just well wishes. They get stored away and opened on your first anniversary. Guests can do pre or post the ceremony.

10. Lastly, I love having a long pause just after the vows have been exchanged. The couple has their moment, to stop and process what has been said, and what has just happened.