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 We will have a no obligation initial meeting, in person or through the powers of technology.


I will guarantee a very personalised, unique ceremony that captures the essence of who you are. 

Once your initial deposit has been made, and the necessary documents have been lodged (Notice of intent to marry) you will receive a resource kit. This includes a sample ceremony, examples of music, rituals, poetry and readings.  

You will receive a questionnaire which allows us to develop a great rapport and allows me to really get to know who you are and your story.

I will make the legal process and paperwork as easy as possible for you.


I will offer professional guidance and be available to talk as often as you need. 

We will have a ceremony rehearsal held at the venue nearer to the time.

I will arrive 1 hour prior to the wedding and make sure everything is in place, everyone knows what they are doing, and everyone is calm and happy. 

I will use a PA system when required, this will allow people right out the back to feel involved.

I will dress appropriately and professionally at all times, I will liase with you to make sure I compliment your wedding parties colours.

You will receive an official decorative marriage certificate and I will lodge all forms with the Attorney Generals office.

Initial meeting . Second meeting . Rehearsal Ceremony . Ceremony

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