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Get ready for a ceremony that's as vibrant as a Summer festival and as heartwarming as a cozy campfire! I'm all about crafting ceremonies that are as unique as each and every one of you. It's my personal mission to sprinkle some magic dust and make your special day truly unforgettable!

During the space of your 30 minute ceremony, you are going to experience so many different emotions. You might not remember every word I say, but mark my words, you'll remember how it made you feel. Did you crack up at a joke? Did you tear up with happiness? Maybe your best friend couldn't contain their excitement and let out a cheer!

And guess what? When you opt for The Deluxe package, you get it all!  We're talking about a ceremony that's light, breezy, and overflowing with romance. We want your guests to leave the ceremony like ‘WOW’ . That was incredible.  So let's deliver some serious fun that'll have your friends buzzing with excitement and your cousins busting out their best dance moves. After all, your wedding day isn't just about tying the knot—it's about creating memories that'll make you smile for years to come!



She's a real charmer! The Mini deluxe is a wedding offered only Monday- Thursday with a gathering of less than 20. 


The Mini Deluxe is all about intimacy—it's tailored specifically for you as a couple, rather than focusing on entertaining a larger crowd. There's no need for a personal story because, let's be honest, everyone present likely knows it already. Instead, I weave in surprise elements from both of you, adding a touch of charm and fun.


You'll still get all the traditional elements of a wedding: walking down the aisle, exchanging vows and rings, saying "I do," and celebrating with a triumphant walk back up the aisle. It's everything you need to make your day truly special, just on a smaller scale.




Concise, straightforward, and effortlessly stylish.The process takes 5 minutes and is perfect for couples who are having a destination wedding overseas so your marriage is legally recognised here in Australia. Available Northern Beaches, Sydney only- $650

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